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ETIAS, el nuevo permiso para visitar Europa

ETIAS es un permiso que será requisito para visitar Europa. Viajeros originarios de América Latina son quienes están obligados a tramitarlo. Se podrá obtener en línea, con un costo de 7 euros, para ello es necesario contar con pasaporte vigente y tarjeta de crédito para realizar el pago.

En esta infografía se muestran los detalles de Etias, los países europeos suscritos en Schengen y que países de América Latina deben tramitarlo.

Infografía Etias.
Infografía que explica los detalles de Etias, como realizar el tramite y los países suscritos.

¿Qué es una infografía?

El contenido visual para marcas ha incluido en sus estrategias digitales a la infografía como un soporte de fácil difusión y comprensión. Este gráfico explica las cualidades de una infografía, sus características principales y porque su uso importante dentro de una estrategia de contenidos digitales.

Infografía diseñada a través de Ernesto Olivares Visual Information.

¿Que es una infografía?
¿Que es una infografía?

2 years as a Digital Nomad

The first time I heard about the term “infographics”, was when I was doing my professional practice. A colleague said that he had that subject at university. Some time later, I started designing infographics at Notimex when I didn’t know anything about it. Infographics was an interesting topic so I started learning it on my own. Quickly, I was selected as the leader of the design team at the agency and it was a big challenge for my short career.

In 2011, I started to work at a Digital Agency, I felt so excited for the new opportunity that I had. I started having interesting projects, and I could put into practice what I learned at the agency. I continued designing infographics but I focused on marketing online.
In 2013, I started my freelance career, in parallel with my work at the digital agency. I opened an account in and and I had my first infographic projects. The best part came when I was chosen by to be part of the design team as a certified designer, so I had several projects with different kinds of brands such as Heineken, Xbox and Solid Works.

I could say that everything was good, I had a good salary and extra incomes, but I felt that I needed a change in my career. In that moment, I discovered the creativity school “Digital Invaders” which offered a course in digital creativity, that lasted 4 months, full-time.

With almost 3 years working at the agency I decided to leave it, to leave a stable life and the most important, to leave secure incomes. In August 2014, I decided to move to Saltillo Coahuila and started the course at Digital Invaders. It wasn’t easy. I sent my portfolio twice and I was accepted in the second attempt.

In the course, I learned about advertising, social media, UX, web, HTML/CSS, lettering and other helpful subjects. To be honest, this course was hard because we needed to work long hours, Sunday to Sunday at school to finish the final project.
This experience changed my vision on how I was designing at that moment and this helped me to leave my comfort zone, rethinking of me as a person and as a professional.
In this period I didn’t have any income, just some of my savings. One important thing was that sent me some interesting projects and they could help with my financial balance.

When I came back to the city, I started to look for a job in big, medium and small digital agencies, but it didn’t succeed. I passed few months looking for a job without any results.
I was searching for freelance projects on Elance when I found an interesting opportunity to work as an infographic designer for Ernesto Olivares Visual Information, an infographic company set in Spain, United States, and Bolivia. I applied and I was selected, I couldn’t believe it. The best thing was that I could work from anywhere, yes… anywhere, from my house, a coffee shop, etc.
The projects were interesting visual challenges and I didn’t think twice to move to other places in Mexico, I have been working for this company for the current year, from places such as The Mayan Riviera, Guadalajara and even from Spain. I could meet the team of Ernesto Olivares Company in a Digital Marketing Congres called Futurizz.

In the last 2 years, my life has changed a lot and honestly, going back to a normal job is the last thing that I need. I’m looking for an opportunity at TopTal to be part of the Toptal Visual Designers Network and expand my experience to work as a freelancer in a new platform, working directly with clients. And of course, to continue with this adventure that is starting: my life as a digital nomad.